First draft great, second draft- argh!

Hope someone here can help me!


I've been putting together a print version of my graphic novel.

I ordered a first proof, and it looked really good. The margins all lined up, the spine was perfect, the only problems were a few typos. I was really impressed by Lulu's printing standards.


I ordered a second proof expecting it to be a nice final version that I could keep and treasure for myself... and it is terrible. The whole book is thicker so that spine doesn't line up at all, some of the pages are bound skewed, some of the pages have been bound in a way that actually obscures the text.


I'm suspecting that the issue is that at some point, I clicked into the retail distribution part of the site. When I read that I'd need to order a special proof and that the print quality would be different, I decided against pursuing it. However I have a "Approve or deny your proof to continue distrubution" notice under my book.


I really want to undo any kind of accidental "submission to retail distribution" so that i can get my book back to the way it was, but I can't find any way of doing that. I don't seem to be able to deny the proof. Does anyone know what might be going on here, and how to solve the problem?


  • Click on Approve or Deny then select Create Revision instead of Approve.

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  • Thanks for the help!


    That took me back to the content creator. I went through it clicking continue all the way through, but I've still got a "click here to continue distribution" button, so I'm not sure that it's worked at resetting things... I want to make sure that if anyone orders the book, it's definitely not the expanded distribution version with the barcode on the back interior pages.Is there any way I can check for sure?




  • Now that the book has an ISBN, it's eligible for distribution, but if you never approve it, the book will stay available only on Lulu.


    Just adding an ISBN and making the book eligible for distribution won't change the print quality from us. It sounds like there could be another issue in play here. I would suggest making a support case. Start with the "Support" button on the upper right, then following this sequence:


    Support > My Orders > I purchased a book or calendar > defective, damaged, or incorrect order > I still need help


    The last command will create a support case. You can type some information there and, if possible, attach an image of the most recent book you received. Then we can look into this and determine if there's something that needs to be done to the project on your end to ensure it prints well, or if it was something that can be corrected with our printers.

  • Will do, thanks for the help.

  • That is a strange occurrence, and possibly from the same printer because Lulu try to fill orders from a printer as near as possible to the order address. As Paul says, Lulu's Print Manager needs to look in to that.


    But it does raise the question about the books one never sees. Those bought by other people from around the world often printed by different printers. Such changes of POD quality should never happen. If it happens with mass-printed books no one would ever know because QC examines them before they are shipped.

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