Did You Know - $0, €0, £0 iBookstore Sales

Today I learned a new reason for 0.00 revenue iBookstore sales.


We all know that when someone purchases a new iDevice (iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc.) and they sync it to their iBookstore account, a 0.00 revenue sale for all previously downloaded eBooks is reported. This is logical as we do not expect someone to have to re-purchase eBooks every time they upgrade a device.


Now, there is an additional reason you may see 0.00 revenue listings on your sales page. When you revise an eBook, Apple automatically pushes the revision to readers who purchased the last version of the eBook. For example, if you publish version 3 of your eBook, all those people who bought version 2 will receive an automatic update and you will see 0.00 revenue sales entries.


So next time you revise your eBook, keep an eye out for an uptick in 0.00 revenue listings on your sales page.



    Thanks, Glenn. I have had lots of zero revenues lately, and believed it was readers using various devices. I have recently revised all of my books, so this explains a lot. Cheers.

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