Text boxes and pictures

When I insert a picture it automatically appears within a text box. Lulu response is to remove all text boxes. Am I overlooking an alternate way to insert pictures without also inserting a text box?


  • Is this for a paperback or ebook? I Can't tell as you have put in in the General section. I assume you are using MS Word here and this is for an eBook. I usually put an image of a significant character on the back cover of my paperbacks and at the end of my ebooks. For the ebooks, I make a a table in Word of 1 col x 2 rows. I insert the image into the first cell and a caption in the second. I then change the properties of the table to make the borders invisible. This works well enough for the confines of an ebook.

    For a paperback, it depends what you are attempting to achieve. Is it for a picture book or the occasional illustration? For the occasional illustration, simply use the Insert / Picture option then change the properties to place and scale it as you wish (wrapping text round / through / over and above and so on.

    Hope this is useful
  • This is what the guide has to say >



    Blurry images are one of the most common rejection reasons from our retail distribution partners. If your document contains images, you may need to make a few adjustments in order for them to convert properly. We accept the most commonly used image formats: JPG, GIF, and PNG.


    Images require a delicate balancing act since your image must have a resolution high enough to be clear and crisp, but not so high that it is too large. Try to keep the resolution on your images between 96 - 150 DPI. You will also want to keep your image size around 500 x 500 pixels or less. You can adjust image resolution and DPI in any image-editing program.


    NOTE: Some retail distribution outlets do not accept images above 2 million pixels. To prevent rejection, we suggest you make adjustments to images prior to conversion to EPUB format.


    To add an image to your manuscript:

    1. Place your cursor in the location at which you would like your image to appear.
    2. From the toolbar, click Insert > Picture. Be sure you are inserting the image, not linking to it.
    3. The selected image displays in the cursor location.
    4. Click on the image and select Format Image.
    5. Choose the In line with text option.
    6. Click Save.
    7. Click on the image and click Center in the toolbar.

    NOTE: The Lulu EPUB Converter automatically formats images as centered, in line with text regardless of the settings you apply prior to conversion.


    I have no images in my ePubs, but I do in a PDF. Not really the same, but as I recall, an image box is not the same as a textbox in Word.

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