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Sample Book

My partner and I are publishing our first paperback through Lulu.  To get my sample book to go over before our final book is released to the world. Do we buy a book and is that considered our sample book?  Also I cant seem to price the book the price I want.


  • If you want your book to be distributed beyond Lulu - and it sounds like you do - you will

    need to purchase a proof copy (your sample book); if you are happy with the way it looks

    you then approve your proof copy and it will be available via various different outlets around

    the world.


    When it comes to pricing your book, this can be very difficult for first-timers to understand.

    If you are selling your book only on Lulu you can charge anything above the cost of

    manufacture. However, if you are planning to sell your book on Amazon you have to

    keep in mind that Amazon will take 50 % of the cover price of your book as their cut.


    Say your book costs $2.50 to manufacture and you set a price of $ 10. Amazon will

    take $ 5 and the remaining $ 5 has to cover the manufacturing cost, Lulu's cut and

    your profit. Let's say, for argument's sake, you end up with $2.20. You decide this

    is not good enough so you price your book at $ 12. Amazon will now take $ 6 and

    the remaining $ 6 has to cover the manufacturing cost, Lulu's cut and your profit.

    You will see, from this example, that the pricing of print books is very difficult. Too

    expensive and your book will most likely be overlooked; too cheap and you might

    make $0.10 per sale, which nobody wants.




  • I cant seem to figure out how to purchase my proof copy. It doesnt give me prompts because our project is ready for that step. I need some guidance on that, Please.



  • I believe that you click on My Projects and then Manage.

    If I am incorrect I'm sure that someone will provide the

    correct information.

  • If you have completed the Project Wizard, then from your My Projects click on Revise and it will open a page where many defaults are listed, which you can Edit if you ever need to (without having to buy Proofs) but towards the top right you should see the option to buy a Proof (your sample) click that. Once you have had a good look at the printed book and are happy with it, then on that same Revise page click Approve. If not happy and you want to adjust the actual book then enter the Wizard again (with your adjusted items ready) and click the other option instead. ( I forget the exact wording. Create New Edition or something.)

    Note that for even a very very simple change to the book's contents or cover you have to go all the way through the Wizard again.

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