It's not really goodbye, it's more like see you around...

Dear Community Members


Last Fall I was transferred to the Lulu Marketing department where my responsibilities were greatly expanded. My new position as Manager of Content Marketing gives me ample opportunity to exercise my writing skills and creativity. I quite enjoy the daily challenge to produce high quality content for our four brands. In the coming months I will be primarily focused on new informational videos for and the launch of an exciting new brand.


Which brings me around to introducing your new community moderator @Paul_Lulu. Paul has been with Lulu for almost a year and he is a Support Team superstar.  He has access to all the tools needed to answer your account, order and payment questions. He is a rather talented writer and will soon be getting married. Recently, he also starred in one of our new videos:


There's no need to worry (or rejoice). I am not disappearing from the forums, I am just moving into more of an oversight position. Many of you were here four years ago when I first introduced myself. Thank you for your patience as I learned the ropes - and thank you for all you do to make this community a welcoming, informative, and useful resource for all Lulu authors. Keep up the good work.


As always, be nice to the Nulus and respectful to each other.


All the best,




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