Wizard, where art thou?

It shouldn't be this hard - can anyone tell me where the Wizard is? I understand that it's needed for me to upload to Lulu. Materials say use the Wizard, but I don't know where it is!





  • Click on Create then either Print Book or Ebook and follow the steps from there.


    Welcome to the world of self publishing.

  • Thank you.

    In 2014 I used Create Space and almost killed myself. LOL  I hate that I can't see thru the muck to get my own answers. Thanks much for replying.



  • Don't pay attention to this term "wizard". As said by others, start a project and what some kids (?) call "wizard" is merely the program that leads you from the beginning to the end of the process to create a book. When you are prompted to, you'll have to upload your book file from your computer, preferably in the PDF format.  Smiley Happy


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