Studying book sales by month

Two good articles:


And the numbers are in the billions. Shocking.


I expect the sales in 2015-2016 are even higher than in 2004

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  • These are very interesting articles. My Kindle sales graph looks like a

    constant roller coaster ride, from day-to-day, month-to-month and over

    time. I've often wondered about this and the article goes some way to

    explaining part of it.


    Knowing that as an author you are only basically taking market share

    away from another author, rather than snaring new readers, should serve

    as motivation to authors to polish their writing as best they can and give

    their books the best start they can afford.

  • According to studies, book sales in January should be higher than even December. I was suprised to find out than in effect they were not.


    We have one good month left. March. I'll keep comparing reality to the charts to see what comes up.

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