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Base Price Calculator

Does anyone know what's with the base price calculator? I made a 32 page book in distributable format and the base price calculator said it would be $ 2.36


When I came to setting the price of the book I found the base price for Amazon and Ingrams was $ 2.80 not $ 2.36 (which is the base price for Lulu).


Surely it would make sense to give the base price for Amazon and Ingrams as I had selected a format that could be distributed. The 44 cents difference (18 % of amount quoted) made a huge difference to what I had to charge for the book.


  • Why don't you want to charge for your pamphlet? People have no respect for the authors' of free books. Any psycho-analist will tell you so. Smiley Happy

  • I think Lulu do actually add a bit on when you apply a Lulu ISBN.

  • I will have a look.

    What is the product ID for the book?

  • Thanks Glen. The ISBN is


  • Hi SandraStaines


    I apologize for the delay in responding. I wanted to chat with our Business Intelligence guy before I posted an answer. But, it is as I suspected.


    As you are probably aware, if someone orders your book from Amazon, it is printed and shipped by Amazon. If it is ordered from Barnes & Noble (and other online bookstores) the book is printed and shipped by LSI or another print-on-demand provider. Each of these companies have their own production costs (binding, page counts, etc.) - hence the difference in the manufacturing costs you saw during the final pricing step.  In this case, Lulu's production costs are a bit lower than the LSI and Amazon costs. The price difference has nothing to do with the ISBN as suggested by Kevin.


    As to your other question, the calculator on the book builder page only displays the manufacturing price. The reasoning for this is that at this step in the creation process we cannot predict whether and to which outlets a person will choose to submit their book for retail distribution.


  • The price difference has nothing to do with the ISBN as suggested by Kevin.


    Possibly not in this case, it was just a thought, but people have noted and mentioned in the forums that there is a slight difference in Lulu's share between a book with an ISBN and one with not. But I cannot test that without creating two tests, one with Dist and one without. I also have none without ISBNs. Perhaps next time I do a book I will take a look again.

  • The price difference is due to manufacturing cost variance between Lulu and distribution printers - as stated above. Sometimes, as odd as it may seem to some, it is actually less expensive to print a book with Lulu. 

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