Revenue is shown as £0.00

I am used to my pro-bono books showing zero revenue - but when I checked today one of my books that should make me some money is showing as zero rather than the £2.00 I was expecting. I understand that some sales result in witholding tax being taken at 30% - but 100% seems a little excessive! i am in the UK and the customer was in the UK too, so I don't think that witholding applies.


Unfortunately the reporting is a bit vague so I do not know which specific project has been sold, all I know it is via the i-bookstore and it is one of the e-book versions.


Suzie x


  • Imagine this scenario - someone buys your ebook on a weekend and starts reading it on his ipad. He doesn't finish it by Sunday night and decides that he will read some more on his commute to London on Monday. However, he finds it more convenient to use his iphone, rather than his ipad, when commuting so he downloads it to his iphone too.


    Each time a customer downloads a book to a different device which he or she owns you will see a £0.00 sale.

  • Thank you Brambles for that explanation. I did not realise that every time someone download something he already has shows as another sale. That makes it hard to track items that don't have any revenue, but that is just an irritation and not a problem. Phew!

    Odd that it does not appear to be explained anywhere and I am surprised this is the first time it has happened.

    This happens to me quite regular, Suzie with iBooks. The admins clarified that if someone who has already purchased the book downloads to a different device, it will show zero revenue.

  • Just to further clarify, this issue is generally an iBookstore problem only. Other sources (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Google Play) should not show a $0.00 revenue sale for re-downloads.

  • I assume that some sites like to show that a seller has an active presence, even if that activity is just the same existing buyer downloading the book again. It does help with market research.

    I also assume that because it's the same with all digital files, games and so forth, bought on line and has been for a few years, that the sites don't expect to have to tell content providers about it. They do tell buyers though, usually. And it's often mooted in the press.

    This once bought always there for download was a law passed by EU courts, starting with Apple.  Smiley Surprised

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