Full disclosure - Revenue splits changed on my projects

In the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to announce that revenue splits have been changed for two of my projects.


Formerly, my revenue from Caveman Apologetics went entirely to my church, North Salinas Baptist Church. Also, my half of revenue from Daddy, Who's That Man? went to NSBC as well.


Last week, in a business meeting, NSBC's 10 remaining members voted to disband. As a result, once the non-profit is dissolved, there would be nowhere for those revenues to go. I have arranged for all current unpaid revenue in those accounts to be closed out and sent to the church; from today forward, any sales on those projects will benefit me instead of my church.


I may change this again when I've selected a new church home; we shall see when that time comes.


In the meantime, I did not want anyone to think that he or she was benefitting a church by buying my books. Effective immediately, no churches directly benefit from any sales of my projects.


Shadowmonkey, you'll notice that I've adjusted our revenue split on DWTM.


Thank you all for your support.


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