Amazon to open 400 physical bookstores


  • I'm not sure how this will help the indie publisher. With millions of books available for sale surely the vast majority will remain print on demand and the books that Amazon will sell are the self same books being sold by bricks and mortar bookstores now? There simply won't be enough space in store to house all the print books currently available on Amazon.


    Am I missing something?

  • I believe Amazon will stock their bookstore with any books they deem fit, including books from self-publishers.

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  • You're not missing anything, Daniel. When this was first reported months ago an Amazon rep said that Amazon would use their online sales data to know which books to stock in their physical bookstores. So Amazon physical bookstores will look just like any other physical bookstore with very few self published books on their shelves to speak of.

  • What I'm hearing is it has nothing to do with being self-published or not. It has to do with the success and condition of the book.


    So, if a self-publisher's book is great, Amazon will stock it. This is great news.

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  • I found a very interesting article on the bookstore:


    Forbes Article on Amazon Bookstore

  • Good article, Daniel. Thanks. And smartt thinking on the part of Amazon. On every level. I'm sure there's more to it than even this article describes.

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