It's a pain in the ...

Something needs to be done about the forum section refusing to believe one is logged in to it.


I log in to Lulu via Lulu's own log in page. I click the usual tabs to get to the forum, and am greeted with a pink box that starts with "The link you clicked is requesting an operation that requires authentication, but the authentication failed."

So, back on the Lulu log on page, I click My Projects and get to the forums via that.

But it does not always know I am logged in. So I click Log in.

That returns me to the Lulu log in page, where I am still logged in!

Also, even when I do manage to get logged in to the forum, and I click a link to a posting from a Notification e-mail, and that posting opens, I click reply, but it again tells me to log in!


And yes, I do allow Lulu cookies.


For **** sake please get it fixed.


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