No Sales in USA

Downloadsof my free book The Archer's Paradox have been the best they have been for some time (probably thanks to a promotion I started with Fire and Ice). However, I have had no download sales from Amazon whatsoever in the USA for books 2 & 3 (The Flight of the Arrow and When the Bow Breaks) for the past 2 months. This is most unusual and I am having steady sales in UK, Australia and many other countries. Anyone else seeing this or is it just me? Any thoughts or suggestions?



  • I recently decided to pull all my free books after giving away close to twelve thousand books. Perhaps whether free books lead on to sales, or not, depends on genre. It is clear that people want my books but whether they want them enough to pay for them remains to be seen. It sounds like you have had more success with converting freebies into sales. My conversion rate was just 2 % which is not great!


    Let's hope those US sales will come your way soon. From what I have read in various forums this sort of thing happens; a book will do well in one market, but not another.

  • I am trying a revamp of my keywords. Hopefully that will stimulate some interest but it still does not explain why the US market is flat lining for me while I still have healthy figures in the rest of the world. Most odd. HELLO AMERICA! PLEASE BUY MY BOOKS! Robot Frustrated Robot Happy


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