Poor delivery service. What has happened?

I have ordered books from Lulu for years (mostly large numbers of my own works) and just recently there has been a change to delivery standards - for the worse.


Up until this year, delivery to my address in the UK took a day or two after notification of dispatch  using basic post (the cheapest method). I have never had cause to complain about the delivery service. However, I am still wating for deliveries of books that I was notified as having been dispatched days ago - still no sign of them. One is now 14 days oustanding. Is this a ruse to get authors to choose the very expensive alternative methods of delivery?


What is even more noticeable is that when I ordered books from the UK, I received a text from my bank stating that I had made payment in Holland. Nothing like this is happening this year thus far so payment is being taken somewhere else.


Customer service is not as efficient in recent days in responding to queries.


Lulu what is going on please?


  • Hello Lustorders


    We have a new print partner that is located in the Netherlands.


    I see your support case and the responses from our support team. Please keep in mind that we do not work weekends - hence the lack of response from your message on Friday. I am sure someone will respond to your follow up questions later today with additional information.



    Hi there,


    My order number is Order #11367780, I recieved an email to say that my book had been sent on the 6th of January. 


    It is now the 18th of January and there is no sign of the book that I ordered, this is a problem as it was a present for my father's 60th birthday which is this THURSDAY. 


    The book is called " A Step Up" by Pat Nolan, can you please let me know will this book arrive by Thursday?! 


    Really disappointed!


    Ciara KIng

  • Hello CiaraKing

    I can see that your book shipped on Jan 6, but that is the extent of my insight into the order.

    Have you submitted a support case? That team has more ways to track down your order and resolve the issue.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    Up until this year, delivery to my address in the UK


    It has to be kept in mind that the UK is being lashed by gales and a lot of it is under water, bridges out, etc.

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