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Continuous images in Lulu photobook, 8.5"X11"

I am trying to make a photobook of prints from my senior art thesis in college, 28 pages in total. I uploaded the images in the size required for full bleed 8.5 X 11. However, when I added them to the page I saw that the margins are uneven, with a wider margin being given on the outer edge of the page.


My print series is a sequential piece, with several of the pages extending horizontally between pages. With the uneven margins, my concern is that the images will no longer continue naturally between frames, and create a jarring transition.

Is there some sort of workaround for this that anyone has found? I’m sure that people have done 2 page images before on Lulu.

(I have included the 1st 2 pages of the book as an example of one such transition.)

Many thanks,


  • Perhaps you should consider using the tool instead. It includes a layout for spreads that will guarantee your images print properly without having to be concerned by margin settings and bleed.

  • Or, and this is my recommendation, having made both a photobook here at lulu and one at (50% off coupon code btw), make your own regular colour book. No restrictions, no frames, you can set the art to edge of page, do whatever you want.


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  • Thank you for the suggestion! I have been exploring the book application on off and on since your recommendation and have found it to be more intuitive. However, I am having trouble finding documentation for sizing on their books. When I try and bring an image into the 8.5 X 11 book template, it cuts significcant parts of the image off as if the proportions in the program aren't quite what one would expect. Any suggestions are certainly welcome.


  • Many such applications expect you to upload images that are the same shape and size as the available frames.


    I have just typed in to a search to see if I can find a guide there, but seach could not find the address!


    OK, using Bing I have found it, and this >>




    How do I create a book?

    Creating your book is simple, regardless of if you choose to use Automation Tool or Studio Tool. If you choose Studio Tool, you can import your images from your computer, and place them in the book in the order you prefer. We recommend all images are 150 dpi and above. Once your pictures are imported, you can enhance your images, add effects and text, insert and delete pages, rotate images, select a background color, and edit your book to fit your needs. When you’re finished with your book, you can review your book and order.
    If you choose Studio Tool, creating your photo book is as simple as choosing the source for your images such as Facebook, Instagram or your computer, and a date range. Then, our intelligent photo book builder uses face recognition and other unique algorithms to identify the best pictures and captions for your photo book. You then review the images, add text and make final adjustments before sending to print.

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