How to choose and arrange your files for the inside of your book

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What you are doing in this step:

In this step you'll be adding the file(s) that make up the inside of your book project. Don't forget Lulu Services are only a click away if you feel you need help with formatting)! If you are planning on selling your book on retail sites other than, please review our Mandatory Requirements for Distribution

How to add files from your computer:

  1. Locate the file(s) on your computer by clicking the 'Browse' button.

  2. Select a file and the file name will appear in the box.

  3. Click the 'Upload' button. A progress bar will display how much of the file has uploaded. The progress bar will disappear and the file will appear in the list under 'My Project Files'.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to upload multiple files for your book. See the 'Multiple Files' section below for a warning on using multiple files.

  5. Files in the My Project Files list can be rearranged by clicking the up and down arrows and dragging to the order you want them to be in.

  6. Click Make Print-Ready File.

How to add files from 'My Lulu Files':

  1. If you used FTP to get your file onto Lulu or uploaded your interior file to My Files, click the Choose From My Lulu Files tab.

  2. Your files will appear below the tab. Select the file(s) you want to add by clicking the box to the left of the file name you want to use.

  3. Click Add Files To Project. The page will reload and the files you selected will appear in your My Project Files list.

  4. Files in My Project Files list can be rearranged by clicking the up and down arrows or dragging the file into the order you want them to be in.

  5. Click Make Print-Ready File.

Common problems (and solutions)

  • Multiple files - When we get multiple files for the interior pages of a book, our software opens them up and converts them into a single document (without bleed) of the size you chose in the previous step. This process sometimes causes issues with fonts. If creating a book with a bunch of photos, you might prefer to use our Photo Book Studio; it provides better support when using multiple images in your book.
  • Files don't match your trim size - It is very important that you format your manuscript file(s) to be the same size as the book you are creating before you upload your file to Lulu. If you are creating a 6 x 9" book on Lulu and upload a file sized to 8.5 x 11", we will resize your file, the resizing will do horrible things to your files and your book will look terrible. Read the formatting tips for more information on how to properly format your file.
  • Uploading non-interior files - Any file you upload here will be put inside your book. You'll upload any files for your cover later.
  • Files are too big - The upload step only allows files up to 300 megabytes. If you need to upload a file larger than that, or want to upload outside of the Publishing Wizard, you can use FTP to get your file onto Lulu and them add it to your project via 'My Lulu Files'. Learn more about FTP on Lulu here: How can I upload large files more quickly and easily? / Can I upload my files with FTP?
  • Files without embedded fonts - For Lulu to print the book as you designed it you need to give us the fonts you want us to use. You can do that by embedding fonts in your document. Learn more about embedding fonts here: How do I embed fonts in a PDF?
  • Password protected files - Lulu can't get into password-protected files. Make sure all of the files you upload are not password.
  • Invalid file types - Make sure to upload the correct file for your project. What types of files can I upload?
  • Incorrect fonts in Word Documents - Lulu will substitute the font you used in your Word Document if it is not one of these: What fonts can I use in my document?
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