Lulu is telling me I have 6pt fonts in my manuscript, but I don't?

Hey all,


I'm working on my first Lulu book which is a workbook to be printed at 8.5x11. Everytime I upload the PDF it tells me:


  • Fonts smaller than 6pts do not consistently print clearly. Please increase your font size and re-upload your file.

Is this just a standard alert or is there something weird going on? I don't have any fonts in the PDF smaller than 11pt. 




  • They must be there somewhere. Do you have Headers and Footers?

  • It's a non-blocking notification. Just ignore it and move on.

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  • It must mean something if it's asking a file to be changed and uploaded again?

  • It's recommending a new upload -- not forcing. It tells me the same every time.

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  • That's not what it sounds like though. I have not seen that warning before it attempts a conversion (even to a PDF!)

  • Microsoft Word 10 glitch – Small font size can be in the document but not text or blank text space or a inserted line of small font size. Font size can be attached (I do not know how) to a format function like Enter or text justify or even to another large inserted text line. You cannot find it using cursor or by tabbing through the document checking font size; the small attached font size does not show up. The Lulu program can find it and thinks it is small text - and gives error message.


    These attached small fonts can be found and removed using “Replace” function in Word 10. You can use the “Replace” function to find the attached font size and delete it manually by closing the box and then delete while it is selected but this also will delete the format it is attached to (must reinsert format after). Best way is to replace the attached small font with font size 6. This will not affect the document – unless you replace a real small font text or inserted small text line.


    Setting “Replace” function for fonts:

    Click on “Replace”; in Find and Replace box place curser in “Find what:” (or “Replace with:”) click on “More” - then “Format” in the bottom left-hand corner and select “Font”. In the new box that opened type in font size you want to find or replace with (see photo).

    NOTE Suggest you do not use “Replace All” – use “Replace” to change one at a time. If you missed removing a text line or inserted text it would mess-up the formatting of your large document.


    Added note: WARNING – When replacing hidden small font (font size but no text in document)- sometimes it will also remove formatting from the document; justify text Right – Left – Center – Full and/or inserted line. Check your document carefully before you release it for printing


    I am reformatting my new book “GAS MASKS Collector’s Guide for Identifying Common America Gas Masks” because this book is large and has/had too many small fonts causing the Lulu convert program to not make book ready file.

  • I had the same message with a book I recently uploaded. I knew I had no 6pt fonts, so I ignored it. The resulting printed book was perfect. I have also had warnings in the past of under 300dpi resolution with some of my illustrations, but I knew they were all imported at 300 dpi, so I ignored the warning. Same result, the finished book was perfect. Maybe a Lulu glitch? I always upload a PDF file for the text.

  • I also have this problem with Lulu Denis
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