text box or tables

ive been through the file numerous times amd cant find any text boxes do tables count as a text box?


  • Sometimes your pictures are in text boxes, or your headers, footers--make sure you remove all.


    You can also select all text and scroll though it highlighted. Even the miniscule, hidden text boxes will show.


    And lastly, you can install the Kutools add-on to Word, and select the option (under More) to Remove All Textboxes.

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  • I have used this service and removed all text boxes. It is still saying there are text boxes. I have removed all headers and footers but still saying there are text boxes!! What to do??
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    Files for conversion to ePub are very simple ones. (But they so have to be created with software that has Styles.) I use Word docx.


    Copy all the text.

    Paste it to something simple such as Notepad.

    Open a totally blank new Word docx.

    Copy the text from Notepad.

    Paste it to the new docx.

    One at a time select the Title on the Title Page, the word Copyright on the Copyright Page (that's the minimum,) and any other word you want in the TOC and set them to Heading Style 1.


    Try that.

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