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LarikaLarika Bibliophile

My eBook was put on Amazon by Lulu but I now want to make it free. Does anyone know how I can do this on Amazon. Thanks



    Go to your projects, click manage on your book and then change to zero. However, your book will also be free at all other channels, including Lulu. I'm not sure if you can just change the Amazon price alone. It may take some time for the free option to filter through on Amazon. 

  • If you make it free, how can Amazon, etc., make a profit?

  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile

    I'm not sure why Amazon

    have free e-books but they do. I have several free e-books from Amazon. The latest one I'm reading is very well written and a true story.



  • Very interesting. Thanks.

    One of my books, Blood Money is free here on Lulu and on Amazon. My idea was to attract readers, and I've had over 8,500 downloads. My other book sales did pick up after that, and so I have no qualms about offering the novel free.

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