Keeping back could be weird - uploading Before the Evil Day Comes

This is a share experience. I had switched off my activities a while on online publishing. But my recent experience in my e-pub creation of my two new books, Business Killers and Before the Evil Day Comes, was a snare of experience - It was a real battle, staying away that long.

I care, you may have a safety path to fast and easy creation of an e-book, and then vet.


  • Hrmm, well no offence, your books are interesting, but mainly nonsense, and I am not sure of they are fiction (if they are then it will not matter if they are nonsense) or factual, but I am sure some may enjoy them. Each to their own.


    It's a shame they all have PDF Previews that download. I feel I am not the only one not keen on doing that.


    BTW: You have published one of them twice. One with poor grammar in the title, and the other where you have corrected it.

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