How to Publish an eBook

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To start a new eBook project:

  1. Click Create > Create eBooks.
  2. Review the eBook options. If you are doing it yourself, click Make Your eBook.
  3. Enter a title and author name.
  4. Select your project's availability.

    Sell this book: Sell your eBook on If your eBook meets Lulu's eBook Distribution Requirements, you may also choose to sell your book on a variety of online retailer sites. This option also allows you to assign an ISBN to your eBook.

    Make available only to me
    :  Selecting this option does not allow you to assign an ISBN to your eBook for distribution. Only you will see your eBook project when you are logged into your account.

  5. Click Save & Continue.

Any of these options can be changed before completing the publishing wizard..

Get an ISBN

Select if, and what kind of ISBN you want to add to your eBook

What do I do with the ISBN and Barcode?

Add the ISBN to your eBook on the page after the title page. If an ISBN is not present in the epub you upload, Lulu will add one for you.

Add Files

There are a couple different options available to you at this point. If you want to create an eBook that is going to go to retail channels, you will need an EPUB. The Lulu EPUB Converter can create one for you or you can upload your own. Find out how to create a file for the Lulu EPUB Converter here.

  1. Select Make an EPUB or Make a PDF.
  2. Click Browse and search your computer for the file you want to use.
  3. Hightlight the file and click Upload.
  4. Click Save & Contine to convert your file into an eBook.

Ebook Options

PDF - If you upload a DOC, DOCX, RTF, images, or multiple files, you will have to select a size for Lulu to convert your eBook into. Make sure to choose the size of the original files or your eBook will not look the way you intended.

EPUB - To create an EPUB, you will need to upload a DOC, DOCX, RTF, or ODT file. Only eBooks that are made with an ePub file will be sent to eBook retailers. If you are uploading an ePub file you can only upload one ePub file.

Converting to EPUB

When you upload your file in the eBook Wizard, the Lulu EPUB Converter will attempt to convert it into EPUB format. As part of the process, we automatically find and fix most of the common formatting mistakes. Sometimes, however, we find errors that require you to make changes and re-upload. The EPUB Converter will display a message detailing exactly what you need to do next. There are three (3) potential outcomes:

  • Success, no issues found!
    A publish-ready EPUB was created, no formatting issues were found. Download and review your EPUB to ensure you are happy with the result. Proceed to the next step in the eBook Wizard.
  • Success, but we fixed some issues for you.
    We were able to create an EPUB, but you should download and review to ensure you are comfortable with the changes we had to make. Take note of the messages detailing what was fixed before navigating away from this screen.
  • Failure, we couldn’t convert your file.
    We found some problems in your source file that we couldn’t automatically correct. Take note of the errors we found, fix them, and upload again. We also list any issues we automatically fixed for you so you can review these changes while reformatting. Compare the list against the possible error messages listed in this guide for further instructions.

If you get an error, take a deep breath, and then go see our Troubleshooting Guide for help. If you are successful, makesure to download your EPUB and look it over carefully. If you like what you see click the Savew & Continue button. If not, adjust your original document and re-upload.

Verifying Files(Uploaded EPUBs)

Download and preview your file and then click the 'Save & Continue' button

Marketing Image

Upload or Design your Marketing Image and click the 'Make Image' button. Then click the 'Save & Continue' button after the page reloads. Learn how to create a Marketing Image/cover here.

What is the Marketing Image for?

The Product page that will display your eBook, needs a thumbnail image for your book. If you already have a print version of your book, you could use the same image you used to create it. Lulu will add the cover image to your EPUB at the end of the publishing process. If you would like to have a cover of sorts with your PDF ebook, just add it in as the first page of your file.

Describe Your Project

Fill in the description fields and click the 'Save & Continue' button

Set Your Project Price

  1. Choose the country in which you reside from the drop down list.
  2. Enter a retail price
  3. Choose the retail sites on which you would like to sell your eBook. We will calculate and display the distribution fees, Lulu commission, and your net revenue for each retailer.

    Note: If you deselect Lulu from the distribution list, your book will be published in Private Access. It will not be displayed in the Lulu bookstore and will not be returned in search results.

    By their very nature, eBooks do not include a production cost, but there are distribution fees and retailer commissions to consider. There are also pricing restrictions you must follow. For example, the retail pricing step in the eBook creation wizard allows you to offer your eBook for free or any price above $0.99.

    Note: eBooks priced $0.99 or less will not receive creator revenue for sales.

    Some retailers, such as the Apple iBookstore, also require prices to end in .99. If you choose the iBookstore as a retail distribution option, we will automatically adjust your price to the nearest acceptable price based on Apple's pricing tiers for each currency. To view these pricing tiers, see our Apple iBookstore retail price calculator.

    You may notice that your revenue amounts change based on the retail sites you select to distribute your book. That is because some retailers (Lulu, Apple, and Barnes & Noble) act as sales agents meaning they sell your eBook at the price you set then take a commission based on that price. Other retailers (Amazon, Kobo) operate as resellers. This means they pay a wholesale price to a distributor when your eBook sells. Since these retailers are buying your book from a middleman at a set price, they can resell your eBook at any price they like, including a discounted price. Under the reseller model you will always make the same revenue as displayed in the retail pricing step for each book sold by that retailer, regardless of the sale price.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: When you select Kobo and/or Kindle distribution, Barnes & Noble converts to the reseller revenue model.

  4. Click Review Project.

Review Your Project

Review your project. Click the Change button for any section that needs editing. If everything is to your liking click Save & Finish.

Your eBook is now available on Lulu and if you have selected retailer options, it will be queued to be reviewed by the Lulu Quality Assurance Team.


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