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I have recently published my collection of poetry in paperback and hardback format without any issues in regards to uploading the file and conversion etc. 
I have decided it might be good to also make it available in an e-book format. I uploaded the file which apart from the ISBN number was identical to the previous two files, however, it cannot be completeted due to -

"There do not appear to be any chapters in your table of contents. This suggests that you need to properly set chapter divisions in your document."

Now as it's a poetry collection I do not have traditional chapters. The contents pages list the titles of the poems and which page they can be found on. 
Please can someone explain where I'm going wrong, as it seemed to work for the printed books and how I can correct it for the e-book?


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  • Assign Heading 1 to your poem titles.


    First, highlight your poem title, then go to Heading 1 in Style, click on Update to match selection.


    Or, for a super easy time, simply place your book title on the very first line of your Word document.

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  • And apart from that, a file of pages is not the same for an ePub as it is for a printed book. You should remove Headers, Footers, page numbers, extra spacing, etc., etc. The Wizard will remove some but it's best not left to chance.

  • I would suggest the following:


    Copy all of the text from your paperback word document into Notepad. This will strip out all of the formatting. Then copy the text from notepad back into a new Word document. (Control + a to select all text and then control + c to copy. I'm sure you know this, but there might be someone reading this who does not.)


    Make sure that your book title is on the very first line of your new document. Enter your copyright notice a couple of lines under that. Remove any reference to page numbers. You do not need this in an ebook.


    Highlight the book's name and select Heading Style 1 and then do the same with the first line of the copyright notice. Your book will now sail through the conversion process.


    If each of your poems has a title and you want this to show at the beginning of the book (akin to the Contents Page) you can highlight the title of each page and select Heading Style 1.

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