Distribution options question

Has Lulu changed the distibution options recently?

When I fist sugned up and started uploading draft copies for editing etc, there were 2 options for distibution once you were ready to publish. One was free and only distributed to US based sites, and one which cost something like £50 to get the book distributed world-wide (ie in your own local Amazon).

I just checked through my proof, OKed it and confirmed it for distribution.
It's now in Gloabl Reach, (which was the one that I thought you had pay for.)
There's been no request for a payment, and looking through the site I can't find any mention of a paid distribution option now. So have they stopped offering the paid distribution? Does this mean my book will never be available on the local Amazon?


(ps is there a way to add a link to my book as a forum signature?)


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