A works cited list?

I have an ebook on chickens, throughout which i used my own knowledge, the knowledge of my boss and coworkers, as well as I referenced a few other books on the matter. I want to cite these other books but I don't really know the policy on that in an ebook. Do I create a works cited list at the end? That sounds like something for a midterm paper and not an ebook though - what is your idea on the matter?


  • Exactly the same as in a printed book.

  • It's your book, so style it as you like, so long as you're not infringing a copyright.


    Endnotes or footnotes would be appropriate if you are formally citing the work; a vague passing reference can just be a vague passing reference.


    "Do you bite your thumb, Sir?" I remarked, giving him an evil eye. He laughed.


    Okay, that's an allusion to Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Sc. 1, but I probably don't need to cite it. Plus, R&J is in the public domain.


     I wish here to utterly refute and repudiate, not to mention that I disagree with, the claim by John Doe that chickens make noises like oysters when held inverted.


    Okay, you're mentioning something that John Doe said, but you're not quoting, and you are evaluating it for truth value, which falls under criticism. Probably no need to cite, but it wouldn't hurt.


    "Chickens make noises like oysters when held inverted."  - John Doe, Noises Chickens Make.


    Okay, for that, you should attempt to obtain permission. Find out if Doe's book is public domain. If not, write the publisher and request permission to use the citation. It may cost a small fee.


    So without knowing what you're using and how, it's hard to give you a perfect answer.

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