Question about content

I wrote the script to a book and am having the art done asap by a friend who is an artist. The quality of her art is splendid and extremely cheap however I have a question. Another friend suggested one scene specifically in my book and I adored it. However, I haven't done business with lulu yet so I'm not sure of how picky they are. How do they feel about language and violnence? I read the terms and conditions and such but I honestly don't know at what point they draw the lines on certain things. Hate speech, crimes, etc.
The book has violence, fighting and blood is seen. and I wouldn't say it has "hate speech" per say, no racial slurs or anything. However it does sort of have some tongue and cheek humor and a few comments about honestly every race and group. I wanted to do that with all groups so that if one gets offended, it's clear that to be fair, everyone gets a little bit of this dissing.
Also, it has language. One f-bomb but that can be removed if need be. I just want to be sure that we can in fact print this the way it is or should we revise it? It isn't overly bad by any means but I feel the need to ask and be safe


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