Uploaded Calendar images all look like a camera

I have tried to load images for a calendar for several days.  All of ht eimages look like a camera on peice of paper with the lower right coner of the paper folded up.


Help please.




  • Hello bsprowl

    I logged into your account and uploaded an image and it displayed as a proper thumbnail.

    Were the files you uploaded in another format before they were saved as jpg?

  • They were created in GIMP.  I exported them in jpg format.  I've done this (creating in GIMP, exported to JPGand downloaded to Lulu) several times inthe past.



  • Have the same issue with JPGs exported from Photoshop. 


  • I've been playing around with this for a while. I tried exporting as JPG with a lower quality setting: didn't work. Exported as TIF: didn't work. Exported as different versions of JPG: didn't work. 


    I finally ended up using the "Save for Web" option (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S). I saved the files as 100% quality. Files are smaller than regular JPG export, but they upload into Lulu ok.


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