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I published an ebook today on Kindle and Lulu. Instead of formatting the Normal Style for the layout I wanted -as I usually do - I just hit Enter to create spaces between paragraphs. As I was using white space to separate the paragraphs I didn't use indentation for the first line.


The book formatted as I intended on Lulu but not on Kindle where the first line of each paragraph was indented - even though indentation is not set in the default Normal Style - and there was no white space between the paragraphs. This is the first time I have seen this happen and if anyone publishes on both Lulu and Kindle they should be aware that this can happen.


I think I will stick to using Styles in the future.


  • Styles for sure, for every single word. Otherwise even your italics, bolds, uniquely indented sections, will disappear.

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  • I use the same files for both Lulu and direct to Amazon. I don't use any spacing, and no 'complex' formatting style (no italics etc) because the guides say not to do. I do use First Line Indent though, and Justify, and they don't get removed.

    The only difference is that for Amazon you have to use Word's own TOC tool, and for Lulu you have to use HS 1 for the Wizard to create a TOC from.

  • Hello @danielblue

    All eReaders have a default style. Go onto your Kindle and select Use Publisher's Format (or something similar) for your eBook. You should then see the styling as you formattted it.

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