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I received a proof for my first print book and overall, it looks great. However, as I'm going through page by page, I've noticed issues with certain letters. Every capital W, Q and K have a rectangular box with an "x" in its place. The same for the letter combination "ft" as in swiftly, after, often, etc. This also occured on a lower case b, h and capital D when prefaced by a single quotation mark.


The document was typed in Open Office, Garamond 11 pt and converted to a PDF. I checked the manuscript and noticed that kerning was not turned on. Is the lack of kerning causing the problem? I'd appreciate any feedback.



  • Did you embed your fonts?

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  • Yes, the fonts were embedded. I've gone through the entire proof (it was a play script), highlighting every instance. I used italics and even a few ellipses and those are just as they should be. That's why I suspect the kerning.
  • It's not a kerning problem because that's just letter spacing (which should be left at the default, don't try to change it to save space because it can end up with words looking very strange) it's telling you it does not recognise some letters for some reason. Lulu's Wizards are very fussy about the type of PDF, try ISO 19005-1 Compliant (PDA/A)

  • I use the Export as PDF in Open Office and select PDF/A-1a. From some investigation online, I believe that is supposed to be the ISO 19005-1 that you're talking about.

    I don't know if it's relevant, but the book's preview on Lulu is perfect (though digital is a different animal).
  • I recommend you create a support case.

    If there is a problem on our end, we need to fix it and get another copy of your book printed and shipped to you.

  • Thanks for the response, Glenn. Since I wanted to revise the book cover and change a few things to the document, I decided to switch to Times New Roman (in Open Office  on a Mac). I had been using Garamond Premier Pro. We'll see what happens on the next proof.


    Thanks again! 

  • What is Garamond Premier Pro? I always use 'just' Garamond with no problem because it's one of the few that Lulu's Wizard tool approves of. Due to that I do not think it has to be embedded in to a PDF either. I have never done so. What does appear to cause problems is people using Macs to make the files,

  • What is Garamond Premier Pro? I always use 'just' Garamond


    Garamond Premier Pro is an Adobe font. After more investigation, I've found that it is, indeed, different from plain old Garamond. Open Office doesn't offer it and I'm not a MS Word fan.


    What does appear to cause problems is people using Macs to make the files.


    You'll pry my Mac from my cold, dead hands!



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  • That is what the forum is for. Please delete your email address!

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