1 weird trick to promote your books

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This method is simple, promotes all your books simultaneously, takes less than one minute of your time, and best of all this method is free.

To promote all your books simply add the URL of your website to all your books.

The reason this can help boost sales is when someone buys one of your books they may see the URL and visit your website and end up buying more books.

If you are concerned that this will get minimal or no results, don't be because adding your website's URL can only help you, not hurt you because of how little time it took you to add your URL to your books.

I use this method myself.


  • If you want, Lulu will print their URL on the back cover. Just notch the relevant box in the cover-making stage of the creation process.

  • There is nothing 'weird' about this 'trick'. It is so sad how the Yahoo

    effect is taking hold. Gone is the Yahoo news and it it's place is 'one

    weird tip to lose belly fat'. I say keep your spare tyre if it means

    resisting the urge to reduce everything to its lowest common denominator.

    If you use words too often, and in the wrong context, all you do is debase them.


    Much easier than readers visiting an author's website to find out what other

    books they have published would be them looking up the author's name on their

    online bookstore and buying another book. Kindle even sends emails to

    those readers who choose to follow me to tell them that I have a new book out.


    There is a mantra now about the need for a blog, a website  and social media.

    People forget that you have to drive traffic to a website before you can get people

    to visit your online bookstore. There will be more websites tomorrow than there

    are today; same pie but the portions just get smaller. I'd rather save my energy

    for what matters most.


    The first step on the road to sucess is to write, write, write and then write some more.

    Then sit down and shed a few tears at the lack of your success, get angry and then

    write some more, like your life depended on it. You need to need to write!






  • Indeed, nothing weird to talk about. Smiley Very Happy

  • Ermm, I don't get it. People will have to buy one of the books first in order to see the link in it, and if they have bought one of the books they more than likely already know where to get the others from. Amazon, for example, have all a writer's books on the same page. I have my own website also.


    It's actually common practice to promote not only the writer's own books in their own books, but also other writers' books from the same publisher, usually on the back pages. In the pre-internet days it would have a snailmail address and cost, often even an orderform to cut out.

  • I just finished reading The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.


    There are 10 insightful scrolls within. I think it's a must read for anyone wanting to sell their product, including authors.




     A citizen of the world.

  • Very pre internet a friend of mine sold audio cassettes of self-help and meditation and stuff like that (he had a recording studio.) Once a year he would place a full page advert in a national newspaper that cost him around £15,000 just advertising one of his products. He actually made a profit from that advert, but what was worth more to him was the list of people now known to buy such things, and when he filled the orders he would slip a catalogue of his other items in, which resulted in more sales. Once a month he would also mail out the catalogue to that list as a reminder, and an update, resulting in more sales. When orders originally generated by that one advert trickled off he would sell that mailing list (for about 50p a name) and place another advert.


    Reader's Digest did it a similar way.


    He did have 100s of products on cassette, so I am not sure how that relates to selling, say, the only book one has published! But the general idea still exists.



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