Paper thickness changed?

I have two paperback books for sale on Lulu. Both are US Letter size with Full-color on White interior. I have ordered five books since October 3. All have been printed on thinner, semi-gloss paper similar to what CreateSpace uses, instead of the 80# Gloss paper listed in the Lulu specs. This makes the spine width narrower, which affects the lettering on the spine. Is this a permanent change? If so, why haven’t the book specs and the spine width calculator been changed to reflect the new dimensions? These books were printed at the Agawam MA facility. I actually like the thinner paper better. The books are lighter to hold, the pages turn more easily, and the mailing weight is reduced.


  • Books I received this week are printed on the glossy, heavier paper specified by Lulu. Perhaps the printer works for both Lulu and CreateSpace, and got my previous orders confused. Not a problem.

  • There was a short period where our US printer was mistakenly printing full color products on the thinner, coated paper. That issue was quickly resolved once authors brought it to our attention. That printer updated their system and color books are once again being printed on the correct weight paper.

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