Adult Coloring Book

Can I print a coloring book? Anyone else done this? The typical paper would be too glossy to take crayons/colored pencil, etc?


This is a booming area, and I have a book to make, but don't want to waste time and make one that cannot actually be colored ...


Also, perforated pages would be amazing ...


  • When creating the file of pages in Word or whatever, you can put whatever you want on to the pages. Few hard or paper backs have glossy paper unless they are very high in photos, and Lulu has a Studio Wizard tool for Photobooks that uses photo paper which is not the same as the normal Project Wizards which use ordinary paper.

  • I've started selling coloring books for adults. Only the cover is glossy paper; choose black & white premium paperback for the interior.

  • Your books look very pretty! I am also looking for the correct paper to make a coloring book....


    Are the pages thick enough that you can color them with markers and the ink won't bleed through to the other side?




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