I published my book a while back with lulu`s help. Now i wish to promote it. and i was wondering if i can buy any of those packages for promotion now that the book is already published. please help. thank you


  • Go to >Sell tab and click on> Go pro with marketing services.  That should give you the needed info.

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    I recently purchased a promotion package from to exhibit my book at the Miami Dade Book Fair. An author friend of mine was promoting and signing his just released book at the Miami Dade Book Fair and so I asked him to please check in on the LuLu Booth for me.


    This is what I learned:

    • was NOT listed as an exhibitor at the Miami Dade Book Fair. Not in their print catalog that was distributed at the event, not on their on line listing and not on their event map.

    • My book was sitting on a shelf at the event ... and that is pretty much it.


    I am trying to contact customer service to resolve my concerns, however, we all know how difficult it can be to speak to a customer service agent. Sales staff ... they'll call, but customer service is more difficult.


    In short, I will be demanding a refund. I feel LuLu grossly misrepresented their services and defrauded their authors.


  • I cannot find Lulu listed, but Lulu often use third-parties for the paid-for services, and it could be these >>

  • LuLu explains in their Book Fair Marketing FAQ  that they use a third party, Combined Book Exhibit (CBE), to exhibit at Book Fairs. CBE was not listed as an exhibitor at the Miami Book Fair either. (AuthorSolutions appears to be a LuLu competitor from all that I can see – and it is interesting to note that a similar self-publishing service IS LISTED where LuLu is not.)


    LuLu has replied to my concerns with reassurances that the book fair was a success but has failed to address my specific questions about their listing in the Fair.

  • Ask Lulu again then? Did you say you had actually been to that fair? I assume you told them that?


    But if you did go, could you not have paid for a small stall yourself rather than paying Lulu?

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