I know Lulu isn't offering an direct support for Nanowrimo this year, but I'm curious if any of the authors on here are participating this year, and if so, how is it going?


I hit the 18,000 word count this morning before coming in to work, which put me on track to finish this year (better than last year!).


I've participated twice in the past, finishing in 2013 with a story I was wholly unsatisfied with, and not finishing last year, but actually working on the story (which developed into a full length novel I've since shelved). 


Does anyone else participate? If so, do you find it as stimulating as I do? I love forced structure like this to make me work, even if the writing is mediocre. 



  • I'm in nano sort of. LOL Trying after the first day to continue but struggling. Wordcount suffering mega. But I will keep trying. Bound to get it done.
  • Also I love doing nanowrimo. Because the dang gives me a rush usually. LOL That is when my head is more into it and not struggling
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