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Did I publish too soon?

This is my first Lulu (or any, for that matter) book. Using the creation wizard, I went through all the steps, hoping to get to a point where I could order a print copy for a closer review (I think some things might show up better reading it that way than reading it in Adobe, etc.). But I just kept going through the wizard all the way through the "Publish" step, making the Lulu listing visible only to myself. I then ordered a copy at my cost, which actually surprised me for how cheap it was.


So if I get my copy and then find some things that I want to change before making the listing public, am I free to go back to the steps where I upload my PDF file, etc.? Will this constitute a "new edition"? Will anything else have to be changed?


  • Go to the My Projects page, click on the title, and set the project to Private Access.

    That way, only you can see the book when logged into your account.


    When you have reviewed the proof and are ready to make it available to the world, change the setting to General Access.

  • You can use Revise on the same Project as many times as you like and at no cost.

    If it says Draft by the Project name and you click that it will go back to where you left off.

    If you click Revise it will open a page that at almost the top right there's an option to get back in to the Wizard. (Or Approve if you have used an ISBN and are happy with the Proof (And it's set on General.)

    Delete the old pages file within the pages upload section before uploading the edited one or it will combine them.

    You will have to go all the way back through the Wizard but you can just click Continue or whatever to bypass options.

    The only cost of course is buying a Proof or Proofs again.

  • Thanks all. I think I understand the process better now.

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