A question about about Pdf's made in Mac

Is that still a problem for Lulu or apple, What exatly is the problems with Preview's "Print to PDF" option?


  • The only issue I am aware of with PDFs and Lulu are with manuscripts created using Pages and saved as PDF.


    If you are converting from MS Word, there should be no problem. Just make sure the PDF is gererated at the same size as the book being created.


  • I ask because I am doing comic page layouts with a limited budget but I can make Pdf's using apples Preview by binding high resolution Image files with the print as pdf option. Since the article about Pdf creation is a little dated I wanted double check if the problem persisted.
  • Upload and test it. If there is anything wrong you will be notified.

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  • Well I didn't have any files ready for print currently but I did slap a older rough draft in the uploads and everything seemed fine so I guess it won't apply to my projects.
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