Approve Your Print Book for Retail Distribution

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In order to approve your print book for distribution, a proof copy of the most recent version of your book must be purchased. Approving your book for Retail Distribution is one of the most important steps in the Distribution process.

Please Note: Once your order has been processed, an Approval button will appear on the My Projects page.  Please wait for the delivery of your proof and review it thoroughly before continuing the distribution process.

When you receive your proof copy, thoroughly review your book cover and interior for errors. Make sure to look for formatting, page number, image, spelling, and grammatical errors. Once you approve your book it will be sent to Lulu's Distribution channels. 

To approve your book for Retail Distribution:

  1. Go to My Projects.
  2. Click the title of the book you want to approve.
  3. Click Approve or Deny your proof beneath the title. 
  4. Click Approve Book.
  5. Lulu will now submit your title to our Distribution Channels. Your book should be listed on our retail partners' sites in 6 to 8 weeks.

If the book is revised after approval, you must order another proof copy and reapprove your book. The reason for this is that even the slightest change can sometimes cause major issues with the over all formatting of your work.


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