Calendar Cover Title Color Glitch?

I'm doing a standard calendar for the fourth year in a row.


I've been trying to change one of the title words on the cover ("2016") to yellow. I change it to yellow and it looks fine. Then I save it. It still looks fine. But then if I leave the edit page and come back, or if I go to the next step in the process to review the calendar pages, the "2016" is changed back to white. (The rest of the title stays orange, as it's supposed to.) This has happened five or six times. I can't get the yellow to stick. Seems to be some kind of a glitch.


I opened a support ticket.


Does anyone know either how long support might take to get back to me on this, or have any experience with the same problem or have a suggestion on how I might get around this?





  • Hmm... I made a calendar this week. It may be just the color yellow.


    Regarding wait time on Support. You should get an answer by Tuesday or Wednesday. Lulu is closed on weekends.

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