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Why Should I Publish with Lulu?

Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author
edited November 2017 in Self-Publishing Overview introduced online self-publishing to the world in 2002 with the goal of providing an open platform for publishing, printing, distribution, and sales where the author, rather than the publisher, had complete control over their work. Since its inception, Lulu has helped authors from 225 countries and territories to publish more than two million titles.

Why publish with Lulu?

  • For do-it-yourself authors, there is no up-front cost to publish with We provide free ISBNs, free distribution to all online booksellers, free sales tracking and revenue payments. The only cost to authors is purchasing a proof copy of their book to review and approve for retail distribution.
  • Our publishing wizards walk authors through the process of selecting a book format, uploading manuscript files, designing a cover, setting a price and selecting worldwide distribution options.
  • Lulu also offers world-class paid professional services for authors wanting assistance with editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing.
  • In the Lulu revenue model, authors earn 80% of royalties on their print books and 90% for eBooks when sold through the bookstore. Revenue from other online retail sales follows the same model, calculated on profits after deducting the retailer’s commission.
  • Lulu provides the largest selection of book formats in the industry, including extensive hardcover and softcover options, as well as eBooks.
  • Lulu partners with premiere global print partners using state-of-the-art print-on-demand technology to ensure high quality and speed of delivery, regardless of locale or order quantity.
  • Authors retain complete copyright and absolute control of book format, publishing dates, distribution options, and retail pricing.
  • Robust sales and revenue tracking services centralize record-keeping for authors. Wherever they are in the world, sales and revenue information is accessible to authors through their account.
  • Lulu is a print-on-demand distributor which means books are printed when an order is received. This not only reduces waste, but also eliminates inventory costs for authors and publishers.
  • And, most importantly, we only sell books. Our support team is passionate about ensuring the success and satisfaction of every customer we serve. After all, when you succeed, we succeed.
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