God Created the world-----Deborrah Ann Stenberg

I have a loving mom who reads to me, and she was created by God. Just between you and I, please be very patient . My stories are super long. I have a spectacular dad who works everyday, and he was created by God. I told mommy that we should let him stay home with us and she could give him a weekly allowance. She just looked at me with a really big grin, so I don't know what she was thinking. Hey grandma, are you sure we spelled that spectacular word right? I need to know this, just in case a lot of people might be reading my story. I have a fun brother who teases me about everything. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. His name is Charles, and he was created by God. Mommy reminds me each morning that my brother and I are the most precious creations. So when people ask me how I'm doing, I just smile and say that I'm perfect. I have the most beautiful grandma's who love me all the time, and they were created by God. I have really smart grandpa's who teach me right from wrong, and they were created by God. I have the greatest uncles who help me with the things I can't do by myself, and they were created by God. I have lot's of sweet, silly aunts who like to squeeze my cheeks, and they were created by God. I have cousins who have fun hiding shoes in my basement. My cousins and shoes were created by God. I do believe in hide and seek, but losing the shoes, What's up with that? I have tons of friends to ride bikes and play with. My friends and my bike were were created by God. My daddy takes my brother and me to the zoo every Saturday to see our favorite animals. One time there was an enormous, black bear talking to me. I didn't know what he was saying. My daddy didn't either. I think he might have been telling me thank you for coming to visit, and to tell me that my brother was teasing him. The next time we visit, Mr. bear will probably be glad to see us again. The zoo and animals were created by God. I go to school 5 days a week. My teacher is a really nice person. My teacher and my school were created by God. I like the sun when I go outside. It keeps me warm and happy. The sun was created by God. I sure am grateful for that big ball of pretty. I like to watch the moon and the stars before I go to bed each night. Mommy said I have guardian Angels in the sky. How cool is that? All these things were created by God. Speaking of ultimate creations, my favorite God mother is very kind to me. She lets me spend many nights with her, and I get to babysit all her cats and dog. At bedtime we watch cartoons and movies. My godmother's name is Dawn, and she was created by God. Oops, I almost forgot, all her cats and dog were created by God. I have 5 wonderful dogs who are my very best friends. Their names are Zues, Zoey, Tasha, Kiki, and Snoopy. They were definitely created by God. I have toys and books that keep me busy. Toys and books were created by God.. I wish this guy named God had a cell phone in Heaven. I would like to thank him for everything nice. Hey I just thought of a really important question, if God created everything I'm talking about, then who created him? It's tough being young sometimes. I need to find my Grandma Ann. She usually has all the answers I need. My brother Charles helps our grandpa cut the grass with his plastic mower. The grass and his mower were created by God. Grandpa Herb said that plastic machines don't need any gas. Imagine that. I enjoy taking pictures with my new toy camera. That awesome camera was created by God. I need to share a secret about why I like cameras so much. My mommy is a really good photographer. I watch her take pictures everyday. We live in Montana, and we have beautiful scenery everywhere. Montana was created by God. My grandma Ann had to help me with that huge, photographer word. Because of her, I was able to share it with you. Each summer I travel with my family for hundreds of miles when it's time to go on vacation. The roads we drive on were created by God. Maybe that's why I feel so safe and protected. This God person sure has many jobs to keep busy each day. I wonder if he has enough energy to help everyone in Heaven. He sure takes good care of all of us on Earth. That's another good question to ask grandma. Hey grandma---oops she's napping right now. Guess I better check with her later. I am learning so much each day I wake up. I love my 5 dogs, all my family, and friends, and I take very good care of all the things that I have. By the way, my name is Nichole. I hope you enjoyed my story.



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