Nearly ready to upload my doc to Lulu's ebook convertor, but just a couple of questions. There seems to be some difference of opinion about justified and left aligned formatting. Lulu's own guidelines state that justified format 'does not convert well,' however I've seen postings that say either can be used. Obviously justified looks better in print versions but I'm not sure what exactly the convertor does to the doc. So which is best?

My other question is this, again from Lulu's guidelines:  Quote: 'do not use the Return key to add extra spaces between paragraphs. The EPUB converter will remove extra spaces, resulting in your eBook’s paragraphs having no separation.'

Most novels use 1st line indent between paragraphs, but they also have spaces where there are changes of scenery, location or action WITHIN chapters. Does this mean that the convertor will remove those spaces?



  • Since the reader can set justification on their eReader device - if they choose - I would go with the left aligned text.


    As to extra spacing - if there is more than 2 hard returns, they will be removed during conversion. One extra space will usually not be removed, but you should confirm this once the EPUB file is created.

  • Thanks Glenn, as usual you give the best advice, straightforward and uncomplicated.


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