What are Lulu Sales Rankings?

As shoppers and authors browse the Lulu bookstore, they may take time to review the books currently on our best selling lists. Lulu generates these lists for all General Access titles currently offered for sale in the Lulu marketplace. For shoppers and authors interested in a particular genre or topic, we also generate best selling lists for each book category.

Similar to sales ranking lists at leading bookstores and news outlets, Lulu ranks top sellers based on monetary sales totals rather than the number of units sold. These sales ranks are store specific. For example, a book selling for $14.95 is weighted more heavily on the bestsellers list than an eBook selling for $1.99.

Important Note: While author purchases are included in sales rankings, free downloads of eBooks are not.

While the Lulu bestseller lists are based on sales from a limited timeframe (week or month), the Lulu Sales Rank displayed on a book's product information page is an all-time ranking* based on cumulative Lulu.com sales totals. This ranking is updated daily.

*All-time sales rankings are based on Lulu.com sales made since March 17, 2012.

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