Hmmm.... can't find that product? Not very helpful when I have spent all day publishing it

I've just put my latest poetry book GABARDINE SWINE on Lulu

At the end of the publishing process, it says "Buy a proof copy"

Yes, I would LOVE TO, only when I click on the link, my shopping basket is empty

So I go back to my list of projects and try and buy it from there

Same result.

Lulu, if you don't want my money why don't you just say so and go and open a whelk stall on Southend Pier instead. If you do still have pretensions to being some sort of online print on demand company then fix it, now, before one of us becomes too old and infirm to carry on.


Big sigh. Smiley Sad


  • They announced that they have a bug in the system and are working to fix it.


    It has happened to me as well this week. Wait 30 minutes, come back and buy the book. And while you're at it, here is a coupon code for 25% off: CDH25 Smiley Happy





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