Text boxes

I uploaded my manuscript and recieved a reponse that I had text boxes within. I follows the text box identifcation steps and replaced all identified text boxes in the manuscript body and headers by inserting .jpg images. After saving that file I once again uploaded the manuscript but again received a message that there were text boxes. Once again following the steps I found that my .jpg images were being identifed as text boxes. What to do?


  • Double click in the header or footer and repeat the text box location steps. There could be text boxes where your page numbers used to be.


    Also if you are using MS Word, you will see a difference in the toolbar when you click through images vs text boxes. You only need to remove / replace those objects that are actual text boxes.

  • Thanks. I followed the instructions and still receive the text box error after uploading. Would inserted drawing arrows cause this to happen?

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