How can I get buyer

I just publish a Novel series. In which are all in Volumes this is a novel adapted of Anime because in Anime

like some, there are Arcs and Saga and I am NOT going to explain about that one yet this had six Chapter became with the next Volume will have more chapters and pages. I am orinally going to set $8.99 now I am thinking about setting to $5.99 

if you do not my adaption please don't comment all this is a project for me and you reader thank you so much 




  • A link to your books would be nice.

    Black Cat Studios
  • No Link sorry but, here is the description.

    Warriors all around the world who form many clans of conquest and adventure. The dawn of the great adventure began's with Pedro. Pedro is a teenager who loved adventure after the great event of his late brother "who died." he is now heading out to the lost world. As his first adventure began in the scared Forest Temple. Where a monster name the Phantom is currently taking over the Forest itself from the Belmont Tribe and the village of the Grimm. Will the Belmont tribe ever save their beloved Forest Temple? find out on Volume one


    Please be nice Smiley Happy

  • I think you can 4 important decisions to get buyer :


    1. Create website about your book


    2. Promote your site at offline media or online media regularly


    3. Build email marketing and ask 100 targeted people to share your book on social network like facebook, linkedin, twitter and other


    4. Build an affiliate, ask blogger or website owner to promote your product.


    Or you can give your books to  every lulu member  for making review. Thank you



    oh btw, it's Began not Began's and "brother died" the quote is a wild card for you guys


  • okay this has nothing to do with your NOVEL we are talking about MY NOVEL

  • Is your novel written in English?
  • yes, I am born in this country

  • Your first posting in here had us in doubt if your first language is English, you blurb is OKish though, but in need of fine-tuning.


    Asking how to get a buyer is like asking how to drain the Atlantic. It's a massive subject. But a start would possibly be a Preview. Thankfully places like Amazon create them automatically. But you do still have to tell people that your book is available to buy. That old saying, build a better mousetrap and people will beat a path to your door, is nonsense.


    BTW. Your cover is too generic and only using what you found in the Cover Wizard. It needs to hit people in the face and be something to do with the contents. A Cover is the advert for your book.

  • here is the previews 





    Chapter One

    A young man named Pedro








    Ten years ago, a seven years old boy named Pedro has always dreams of becoming a warrior. In the city of Summer Hill led by a cruel dictator named Jane. Jane is a wicked Tyrant who govern this city.

    Pedro has an older brother name Alejandro who is ten years older than him. Until, one day Alejandro was walking alone and he had discovered Jane's secret weapons of mass destruction in her secret base. Yet he quickly ran away from the scene of the crime. Nevertheless, Katrina, A bodyguard of Jane first spotted Alejandro.


    Then he heard a gunfire. Therefore, Jane told her foot soldiers to kill Alejandro yet, the hand is quicker than the eye because he took, out seventy men all at once and finally made it back to home in one piece. When Jane found out about this she order her foot soldiers, to infiltrate every villages until they find the criminal. At Pedro's house, Pedro’s father and Mother named Rick and Maria  who are worry and waiting for Alejandro to come home.Than

    suddenly Alejandro finally show up  he than told his family about what is going on and they have  to leave the village at once!


    Mom, Dad They are making chemical weapons/ weapon of mass destruction either, we leave now or I will… then suddenly a fleet of soldiers appear. Oh crap, Alejendro said. Come out now Alejandro, you little ease dropper you will die!

    On the spot men, point you assault weapons at Alejandro. Than Katrina appear and said I will called the shots

    Ready... Aim… Fir… Stop it now you porker....... if you want to see the rest Smiley Happy 

  • A Preview should appear with your book on sites.


    And I will have to pull you up on your English because it should be "Here are the previews" or in this case "Here is the preview."


    The sample you have given is also full of incorrect English. Sorry.

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