Before completing your order, please take a moment to review information about potential delivery delays.

Due to closures, travel restrictions, and prioritization of vital services, some parcel deliveries may experience delays. Please check with your carrier of choice to verify your location can receive deliveries. In some instances, some deliveries may no longer be possible.
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Return Policy

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Print on Demand Books and Calendars:

If you received damaged, defective, or incorrectly packaged items, we are happy to provide a replacement copy. Please notify us within 30 days of your order shipment date through our online order support form. Lulu accepts no responsibility for the quality of the content (including misspelled words, grammatical errors, etc.), formatting, design or overall appearance and will not provide refunds for those reasons.


Downloadable Content:

Downloads are not returnable or refundable and cannot be exchanged after purchase. If you need assistance with a purchase or download, please contact Lulu Support.



If an order is returned from a prison, Lulu will not refund or reorder.


Deliveries to Russia

Due to factors beyond our control Lulu is not able to guarantee that orders shipped to Russia will arrive within a specific time frame. Long delivery times are a result of long delays in clearing packages through Russian Customs Clearance Office. Neither Lulu nor our carriers have any influence on this situation. As a result, shipping to Russia is at the buyer's risk. As such, Lulu cannot replace or refund these orders and we request your patience as your order may still be on it's way. For more information about this situation, see:

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