Multiple errors in ePub from PDF

Hi, I'm trying to upload a book as an eBook. I have the PDF that was used for the print edition. I've converted the PDF to an ePub (via an online converter), in order to upload it to Lulu. However, when I upload the ePub file, I get an error: "Your EPUB contains errors that must be addressed before you can proceed". I've pasted the first 5 lines of the error details below - the majority of errors are "alt" tags for images.


My question is: is there any way around this; can I upload a different file (via a different conversion process, perhaps?), or would I need to add "alt" tags for all images? I'm not sure I can do the latter, if I'm honest. ;-)


Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.






ERROR: Publisher value is missing in content.opf
ERROR: Unable to locate a valid publication date. A date with the event attribute publication (opf:event=publication) is required in content.opf
ERROR: Unable to locate a valid creator. A creator with the author role (role=aut) and the file-as attribute is required in content.opf
ERROR: value of attribute "lang" is invalid; must be an RFC 3066 language identifier in index_split_000.html on line 2
ERROR: element "img" missing required attribute "alt" in index_split_000.html on line 13

...(last line repeated many times for different images)...


  • A conversion from a PDf will always result in a mess.


    Your best bet is to take your Word manuscript, make sure your headings are assigned a style and that you have a new ISBN on the copyright page and upload that .


    The free Ebook Creator Guide  is very useful. Do a search in Knowledgebase and follow it to a T.


    Good luck.

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  • These errors are metadata errors.

    I suggest you convert the PDF to a Word document, format the chapter headings properly - as well as the images (centered, in-line with text) and upload the Word file. The converter will then apply the correct metadata to the file.


    Alternatively, you can try adding the metadata using Sigil and reuploading the EPUB file.

  • Thanks for the replies - much appreciated. I actually gave up on the ePub option in the end. The original Word manuscript I have has text only - not the images, fonts, etc - so the PDF is the best option. Converting the PDF to a .doc produced multiple issues in the conversion - including reading capital L as capital I (!) - so I left that.


    Instead, I went down the print-on-demand route - which has thrown up a separate issue (with pricing) that I'll post in the appropriate forum. :-)

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