Coupons and Discounts FAQ

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How do I redeem a coupon?

Coupon codes can only be redeemed at the time of purchase and are CaSSenSitiVe. Read the entire list of restrictions associated with a coupon before use.

  1. Add items to your cart making sure they meet the requirements for the coupon you are using
  2. In the Cart, enter the coupon code and click the 'Apply' button
  3. The page will reload showing the discount; click the 'Checkout' button to complete your purchase

If you are notified that the coupon is invalid or didn't work, take a moment to review the restrictions again. Some coupons are restricted to one per customer, require a minimum purchase, or are restricted to a specific currency. Make sure the coupon's discount is displayed before you place your order. If you experience any errors while redeeming your coupon, contact Lulu Support before completing your order. Please read our Membership Agreement for a full list of rules and restrictions.

Do I get a discount when buying my own content? Do I have to pay royalties?

When purchasing copies of your own material (with the account used to create it) you only have to pay the manufacturing cost and shipping.

Do I get a discount if I buy in Bulk?

Automatic discounts are applied to high-quantity or bulk purchases of a single title or product with discounts beginning at 15 copies. The bulk discount is automatically applied in the shopping cart for your convenience. Place the Lulu products you want to buy into your Shopping Cart then change the quantity in the cart to the number you wish to purchase and click the Update link to view your discount. 

A volume discount calculator is included on the Lulu Book Builder. Select the format and enter the number of books you would like to purchase to view the discounted price.

For purchases of 100 or more copies, please complete the bulk discount request form and our Services team will contact you directly with the fairest price possible.

Can I combine sale prices with coupons or bulk purchase discounts?

Have you just heard about a great new sale at Do you want to take advantage of the sale price and also get a bulk purchase discount? If so, here are a few things to keep in mind when combining, or stacking, discounts:

  • Not all coupons and site-wide sales can be combined with print bulk purchase discounts. Restrictions for use will be clearly indicated on the homepage or coupon email.
  • If you are an author purchasing your own books, we will periodically offer self-purchase or free shipping coupons that can be combined with your bulk discount.
  • If you try to stack a site-wide sale with a Lulu coupon, the higher of the two discounts will be applied during checkout. These types of discounts cannot be combined.

How are discounts displayed during checkout?

Discounts display in the cart. Bulk discounts will appear automatically if the product you place in the cart qualifies. In the example below, 100 copies qualifies for a flat 10% discount:

Adding more books or removing books and clicking "Update" will affect the bulk discount.

Coupons are added in the coupon code line. Coupon codes are Case Sensitive and will not be accepted if entered incorrectly. When a coupon code is entered, the discount will be displayed. Unless otherwise noted, coupons cannot be combine with other offers. In this example, the coupon for 15% off overwrites the Bulk discount:

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