Cover Revisions and distribution

Hi guys,


I'm a bit of a technophobe and need some help.


I have a book in print, I changed the front cover, but on and it's till the old (rather poor quality cover) that shows.

I believe the reason it won't change is something to do with the back cover. Are there any tech savvy people who can help do the modifications ?


I'm willing to pay (not too much) to get this fixed.


you can email me at [email protected] 


thanks in advance 


  • If you change the cover or interior files, you must order a new proof copy to approve. Have you done that yet?


    If yes, then please be patient, the changes will make their way through the system is a week or two. 

  • I did it quite some time ago, and the original still shows on amazon, can you suggest how I work through the problem ? I'm lead to believe it is something to do with the price on the back cover 

  • That is well above my pay grade.

    Have you submitted a support case?  Someone from the distribution team will need to investigate.

  • yes I've done that but not heard anything, how do I contact the distribution team ?

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