My pet peeve for Kindle formatting

I read on a Kindle Paper white and I have bad eyes. So I read at one of the larger fonts. The Block Quote Formatting drives me insane! I can only see a small portion of the page and sometimes when I'm reading a book it will go on for pages and pages. And pages.


I first ran across it in Karen Kingsbury books. Since then it has run amok. It seems like it has become predominate in so many books I read now. I just wish I could get the word out to JUST STOP. It's not needed. I don't know where if it is a Word conversion or what? It's a flaw and it is ruining so many books.


I've seen it in Sigil and it is Block Quote Format  As I've said it will go on for PAGES in my books.  So I only see a half a page.  I've tried to Google it.  I just wish it could filter over to the eBook publishing community so they could put a stop to it. I think it is conversion problem or something.  Surely they would not put this in their eBooks like this!  I think it is a Word to Kindle problem myself.






  • Perhaps you should ask Amazon seeing as it's their device?


    I doubt it's anything to do with Word to Mobi. But I create my mobis from Word directly to Amazon.  I think Lulu sends ePubs to a major distributor and they convert them to mobi and place them on Amazon, but that still did not happen with mine when I did use Lulu to put my e-books on to Amazon.


    But this is what some English Lesson site says about it.


    But I have never seen it used in any book. What it says is incorrect is the normal method in books. Fiction books anyway.


    What is incorrect in their examples is the spacing and the use of Left Justification  Smiley Very Happy

  • I am not sure about Kindles, but my NOOK has an option to change from the default formatting to the publisher's formatting. I often find that to be a much better reading experience. 


    Have a look in your settings to see if the Kindle has the same option. It could resolve the problem.

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