Continuing Word hiccups

Just have two glitches left to sort out then I can get back to revising my manuscript.


One is when I generated a PDF, two files were generated - one with 5 pages and the other with the balance (splitting between the inside title and copyright pages). As I have Acrobat proper, it's trivial to fix, but I'm more interested in the 'why' and if it's something simple I need to look for to fix.


The other is that only the odd pages are numbered - could be it because I started out with only odd pages in the document (i.e., placeholder text to mark the start of that chapter in the book followed by an odd-page section break)? Just curious as if my theory is right and if this has been covered here before.


I did do some searching on the first issue but results: inconclusive. I do admit I hadn't done enough searching for the second issue, but wanted to see if anyone had a "top of the head" solution (I'm using Word 2008, by the way - yes, the Mac version).


  • I am unsure about the split file phenomenon.


    As to the page numbers, click in the page footer and then look in the toolbar. If the footer / page number set to be different odd and even?  If so, you can deselect that option and the page numbers should be displayed on all pages.

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